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In Government Sting Case, Polygraph Critic Doug Williams Changed Plea to “Guilty”

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Following up on our May 6 interview with Doug Williams, we talk with George W. Maschke about why Williams dropped his bluster and changed to guilty plea….The bizarre prosecution of Williams by the Border Patrol got even stranger when lead defendant Williams abruptly changed his plea to guilty on all 5 charges in the midst of the trial’s second day.  Maschke, an ally of Williams who attended the trial, blogged about the proceedings here.

While Maschke hasn’t been able to communicate with Williams since the guilty pleas, he says that the government’s case, based on aggressive entrapment by an undercover agent, appeared to be leading to conviction when Williams’ attorneys made the offer to prosecutors.

Maschke explains his own whistleblower case, where he was rejected for a job at the FBI after a polygraph test.  Maschke is as critical of lie detector tests as Williams, and describes a weird contact he thinks may have been trying to set him up in the sting operation.  For laughs, he also took Scientology’s “e-meter” test, and explains his experience.