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PBC News & Comment: Rand Paul Blocks Senate Extension of Patriot Act Provisions, For Now

In dramatic Sunday night session, Rand Paul blocks action on Section 215 as McConnell spouts Obama talking points, incoherent fearmongering….

–Dems and Repubs used eulogies of Beau Biden to run out the clock, but Paul managed to make his case

–Facebook announces more encryption tools

–Supreme Court overturns conviction of man who posted rap lyrics as threat to ex-wife

–Hastert case coverage takes quick fade, NY Times continues to avoid his obvious connections to Turkey

–Glenn Greenwald notes that Hastert is a victim of the over-criminalization he supported in Patriot Act

–the sting operation that caused Doug Williams to plead guilty in polygraph case was based on Patriot Act and overcriminalization

–in first 5 months of 2015, 385 people have been shot and killed by police

–federal judge Mark Fuller resigns, was facing impeachment for domestic violence

–appeals court refuses to block release of Gitmo force feeding videos

–Kerry promises more military aid to Nigeria’s new president

–Egypt releases American prisoner Soltan, as we learn that 2600 political opponents killed since 2013 coup

–neener-neener: Russia bans 89 European politicians from travel to Russia

–US removes Cuba from list of state sponsors of terrorism