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PBC News & Comment: FOIA Junkie Jason Leopold Testifies before House Committee

Our friend and colleague Jason Leopold, FOIA’s “frequent filer” testifies before House Oversight Committee on hurdles he’s faced from agencies….

–Senate scramble to reinstate expired sections of Patriot Act as McConnell maneuvers to keep FISA court rulings secret

–AP breaks story about FBI’s fleet of small planes with “dirt boxes” that capture cellphone data within reach

–TSA’s airport security theater gets rotten tomato review: 95% of test weapons got through security checkpoints

–breaking stories: FIFA boss Sepp Blatter will step down

–FBI agent in Boston kills suspect with knife who allegedly charged toward the agent

–Gitmo prisoner Majid Khan discloses sexual abuse, rectal feeding, worse than Senate torture report said; CCR demands Brennan be sacked, full report released

–Seattle’s “kayaktivist” protesters draw tweets from Obama about Arctic drilling, as Earthjustice sues to overturn Shell’s drilling leases

–Sheldon Adelson gathers with other rich Zionists to attack BDS movement aimed at Israel

–federal appeals court judge says that California executed a “likely innocent” man in 1998, reports S.F. Chronicle