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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Stops Dodging the Inevitable, Affirms Marriage Rights for All

Marriage equality started in San Francisco in 2004, when Mayor Newsom ignored Barney Frank, others; Sen. Mark Leno also deserves credit….

–Catholic dissenters on the Court say traditionalists will be cast as bigots—Alito’s homophobia is quite evident

–terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait kill dozens

–as Islamic State launches new effort to take Kobani, Turkey angrily rejects charges of allowing IS to stage attacks from Turkey side of border

–in France, taxi drivers go ballistic over Uber, which is slammed as “economic terrorism”

–President Obama leads eulogies for victims of Charleston church massacre

–in Colorado, defense offers insanity defense for Batman movie shooter James Holmes

–Guantanamo review board takes Saudi man out of legal limbo, says he can be released

–as NJ Gov. Christie prepares to announce presidential run, The Intercept publishes lengthy expose of his role in framing alleged Ft. Dix plotters

–in addition to Pride weekend, San Francisco observes 70th anniversary of UN Charter approved here in 1945

–as wildfires threaten parched California, firefighters suspend aerial operations because of interference from amateur drones