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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Powerful Eulogy in Charleston Reveals an Authentic Black Leader

Discarding his timidity, Obama displays authentic black leadership in funeral oration in Charleston, confronting gun violence, hate, America’s racial divide….

You can watch the speech here

–PBC salute to Bree Newsome, the Charlotte woman who scaled the capitol flagpole in South Carolina and took down Confederate flag on Saturday

–Supreme Court clears its decks, with a good ruling on gerrymandering, and two stinkers on EPA regulation of coal and lethal injections

–knuckle-dragging bible-thumping GOP candidates blather about defying, or defunding Supreme Court over marriage equality ruling

–in our new, in-depth interview, environmental leader Randy Hayes of Foundation Earth talks about the Pope, Obama and upcoming G20 summit in Turkey

–Greek financial crisis on the brink: Tsipras shuts banks, calls for instant referendum as Euro banksters demand pounds of flesh

–Israeli Navy, once again, illegally interdicts Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters, Vatican signs treaty with State of Palestine

–Puerto Rico is our own mini-Greece: the island commonwealth is insolvent, but not permitted to file bankruptcy