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Col. Ann Wright, Global Peace Activist, Reports on Recent Gaza Freedom Flotilla, BDS, More

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Retired Army Col. Ann Wright returns to talk about her recent peacekeeping mission on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, about the growing impact of BDS actions against Israel, and her participation in the historic gatherings of women of peace at the Korean DMZ.Wright served 29 years in the Army, then 16 years in the State Dept., from which she resigned in protest of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.  She’s a member of Veterans for Peace and Code Pink.

We open with her account of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla’s attempt to break the Israeli sea blockade of Gaza, where the lead boat Marianne was intercepted by Israeli navy launches in international waters, another act of piracy by Israel.  She describes the participants, the strategy and its impact, and thinks the effort was successful in raising awareness.

Update, 7/7/15: Here is a link to raw video of the Israeli interception of the Marianne.

We also talk about the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in the US, and how it is drawing a serious, sometimes extreme response from allies of Israel.

We discuss my recent interview with Baha Hilo from the West Bank, you can now watch the video here.

Wright recaps her historic visit to North Korea and a march by an international contingent of women for peace at the DMZ, and also fills us in on her trip to Vietnam last year with other members of Veterans for Peace.