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PBC News & Comment: Greek Voters Say “Hell No” to More Austerity

Greek voters reject expired bailout deal, Germany maintains hard line as Tsipras seeks path forward with Euro, finance minister resigns…

–while many observers are sympathetic to Greece’s position, bankers and European leaders appear unmoved

–despite hysterical alarms from FBI and CIA, no terrorist attacks occurred over holiday weekend

–FBI sting operation leads to plea deal for corrupt former CA state senator Leland Yee, included clear entrapment

–DHS and FBI target environmental group in Colorado, harass its lawyer and try to recruit informants

–SF shooting by illegal who’d been deported 5 times draws opportunist comments from Trump

–TV reporters at that crime scene were attacked by robbers

–Last week, BDS resolutions were defeated by Episcopals, delayed by Mennonites

–in our in-depth interview, Col. Ann Wright talks about her participation in latest Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and about BDS

–UK’s Cameron hints that Britain will expand IS airstrikes in Syria, in dubious response to Tunisia killings based on shooter’s “links” to Islamic State

–riots force partial shutdown of corporate prison in Arizona and transfers of hundreds of prisoners

–Justice Dept launches probe of price-fixing by airlines

–in California, tighter regulation of fracking is now in effect, will new rules be enforced?