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PBC News & Comment: Greek Voters Say “Hell No” to More Austerity

Greek voters reject expired bailout deal, Germany maintains hard line as Tsipras seeks path forward with Euro, finance minister resigns…

--while many observers are sympathetic to Greece’s position, bankers and European leaders appear unmoved

--despite hysterical alarms from FBI and CIA, no terrorist attacks occurred over holiday weekend

--FBI sting operation leads to plea deal for corrupt former CA state senator Leland Yee, included clear entrapment

--DHS and FBI target environmental group in Colorado, harass its lawyer and try to recruit informants

--SF shooting by illegal who’d been deported 5 times draws opportunist comments from Trump

--TV reporters at that crime scene were attacked by robbers

--Last week, BDS resolutions were defeated by Episcopals, delayed by Mennonites

--in our in-depth interview, Col. Ann Wright talks about her participation in latest Gaza Freedom Flotilla, and about BDS

--UK’s Cameron hints that Britain will expand IS airstrikes in Syria, in dubious response to Tunisia killings based on shooter’s “links” to Islamic State

--riots force partial shutdown of corporate prison in Arizona and transfers of hundreds of prisoners

--Justice Dept launches probe of price-fixing by airlines

--in California, tighter regulation of fracking is now in effect, will new rules be enforced?