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PBC News & Comment: Hillary Sides With Sheldon Adelson in Opposing BDS for Israel

In pandering letter to megadonor Haim Saban, Clinton embraces antidemocratic opposition to BDS; her support for Honduran coup is exposed…

--Gareth Porter reports from Vienna, deal with Iran is within reach, talks are continuing

--at Pentagon, Obama pledges more support for mythical “moderate” rebels in Syria

--former AG Eric Holder returns to former law firm that has represented the banks he failed to prosecute

--Holder hints that a deal for Snowden’s return is possible

--new leaks show FBI, DEA use spy software that can remotely control computers and turn on cameras

--impressive group of code makers and breakers issue report that slams FBI demands for encryption keys

--19 refugees die as boat capsizes near Greek island

--Greece sends new negotiator to Euro meeting, and is slammed for not having a new plan

--as Trump doubles down on racist immigration comments, new details surface on alien accused of SF murder, and we learn that undocumented workers are building new Trump hotel in DC