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PBC News & Comment: Hillary Sides With Sheldon Adelson in Opposing BDS for Israel

In pandering letter to megadonor Haim Saban, Clinton embraces antidemocratic opposition to BDS; her support for Honduran coup is exposed…

–Gareth Porter reports from Vienna, deal with Iran is within reach, talks are continuing

–at Pentagon, Obama pledges more support for mythical “moderate” rebels in Syria

–former AG Eric Holder returns to former law firm that has represented the banks he failed to prosecute

–Holder hints that a deal for Snowden’s return is possible

–new leaks show FBI, DEA use spy software that can remotely control computers and turn on cameras

–impressive group of code makers and breakers issue report that slams FBI demands for encryption keys

–19 refugees die as boat capsizes near Greek island

–Greece sends new negotiator to Euro meeting, and is slammed for not having a new plan

–as Trump doubles down on racist immigration comments, new details surface on alien accused of SF murder, and we learn that undocumented workers are building new Trump hotel in DC