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PBC News & Comment: As Chinese Stock Market Tanks, NYSE Halts Trading due to Computer Meltdown

China’s market continues slide, posting $3 trillion in losses, as NYSE, United Airlines, Wall Street Journal face tech trouble….

--Greece is chided for late homework, as Tsipras arrives at Euro meeting without new paper

--our listener Jerry Fresia, in Italy, sends link to blog that Greece may use “nuclear options”, including nationalizing banks

--after initial meeting, Afgan government and Taliban reps agree to meet again

--in Gaza, a year after Israeli assault, not one of 18,000 homes destroyed has been rebuilt

--as Bernie Sanders gains momentum, lefties are politely pointing out his bad positions on Israel, other foreign policies, corporate media keeps predicting he can’t beat Hillary

--Defense Sec. Carter admits that only 60 “moderate Syrians” have been trained to fight IS and Assad

--Feds shift blame to San Francisco for immigrant murder suspect, as Trump is called a victim and a hero for his continuing immigrant-bashing; conservative Peter Wehner bashes Trump here

--Sen Feinstein, former SF mayor, lectures current mayor over “Sanctuary City” policies

--Latinos pass whites as largest ethnic group in California, impact is felt as Latino legislators block assisted suicide bill

--Bill Cosby’s denials are wearing thin, his remaining defenders look pretty silly

--Judge supports US Trademark office in ruling against the name of NFL’s Washington team

--federal judge orders Time Warner to pay $229,000 to woman it robocalled 153 times