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PBC News & Comment: As Chinese Stock Market Tanks, NYSE Halts Trading due to Computer Meltdown

China’s market continues slide, posting $3 trillion in losses, as NYSE, United Airlines, Wall Street Journal face tech trouble….

–Greece is chided for late homework, as Tsipras arrives at Euro meeting without new paper

–our listener Jerry Fresia, in Italy, sends link to blog that Greece may use “nuclear options”, including nationalizing banks

–after initial meeting, Afgan government and Taliban reps agree to meet again

–in Gaza, a year after Israeli assault, not one of 18,000 homes destroyed has been rebuilt

–as Bernie Sanders gains momentum, lefties are politely pointing out his bad positions on Israel, other foreign policies, corporate media keeps predicting he can’t beat Hillary

–Defense Sec. Carter admits that only 60 “moderate Syrians” have been trained to fight IS and Assad

–Feds shift blame to San Francisco for immigrant murder suspect, as Trump is called a victim and a hero for his continuing immigrant-bashing; conservative Peter Wehner bashes Trump here

–Sen Feinstein, former SF mayor, lectures current mayor over “Sanctuary City” policies

–Latinos pass whites as largest ethnic group in California, impact is felt as Latino legislators block assisted suicide bill

–Bill Cosby’s denials are wearing thin, his remaining defenders look pretty silly

–Judge supports US Trademark office in ruling against the name of NFL’s Washington team

–federal judge orders Time Warner to pay $229,000 to woman it robocalled 153 times