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PBC News & Comment: Fiery Progressive Alan Grayson Runs for Senate from Florida

Defying Dem party leaders, Rep. Grayson jumps into race for Marco Rubio’s seat….can the populist progressive win in Florida?…..

–in South Carolina, emotional debate leads to passage of law to remove confederate flag, Friday at 10 am

–Iran nuke talks extended to Monday amid optimistic reports

–to stabilize stock markets, Chinese authorities lock up big shareholders for 6 months

–Obama’s new nominee for Joint Chiefs, Gen. Joe Dunford, says Russia is our #1 threat

–WikiLeaks reveals that NSA has been spying on top German leaders since as far back as 2002

–at Firedoglake, Kevin Gosztola reports on sealed case alleging domestic spying by US military

–Guardian’s “The Counted” team reports 587 Americans killed by police so far this year, 35 in July

–FBI will investigate police shooting of Florida man in 2014 after coverup is charged

–moving swiftly after Supreme Court’s “anything goes” decision, Oklahoma sets execution dates for men who appealed

–in San Francisco, more details emerge about handling of alien charged with murder, and weapon stolen from federal agent

–Donald Trump adds actual substance to his Mexico-bashing, challenging Ford’s plan to build new plant in Mexico