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PBC News & Comment: Fiery Progressive Alan Grayson Runs for Senate from Florida

Defying Dem party leaders, Rep. Grayson jumps into race for Marco Rubio’s seat….can the populist progressive win in Florida?.....

--in South Carolina, emotional debate leads to passage of law to remove confederate flag, Friday at 10 am

--Iran nuke talks extended to Monday amid optimistic reports

--to stabilize stock markets, Chinese authorities lock up big shareholders for 6 months

--Obama’s new nominee for Joint Chiefs, Gen. Joe Dunford, says Russia is our #1 threat

--WikiLeaks reveals that NSA has been spying on top German leaders since as far back as 2002

--at Firedoglake, Kevin Gosztola reports on sealed case alleging domestic spying by US military

--Guardian’s “The Counted” team reports 587 Americans killed by police so far this year, 35 in July

--FBI will investigate police shooting of Florida man in 2014 after coverup is charged

--moving swiftly after Supreme Court’s “anything goes” decision, Oklahoma sets execution dates for men who appealed

--in San Francisco, more details emerge about handling of alien charged with murder, and weapon stolen from federal agent

--Donald Trump adds actual substance to his Mexico-bashing, challenging Ford’s plan to build new plant in Mexico