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PBC News & Comment: As South Carolina Removes Confederate Flag, House GOP Soils Itself

Amendments to ban display and sale of confederate flags in national parks lead House GOP to ridicule and flagrant rule-bending….

–accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof shouldn’t have been able to buy gun, says FBI boss…where are his parents?

–Sen. Bernie Sanders faces tough questions about his positions on gun laws in town hall meeting

–federal appeals court upholds IRS finding that state-legal pot sales are 100% taxable, no expense deductions

–both US senators from Colorado introduce new marijuana banking bill

–$4 million per trainee is the cost of the fantasy of the “moderate Syrian fighter”; 4 million is the number of Syrian refugees

–after all the Greek drama, Tsipras signals he will accept most of the pension cuts and tax increases bankers demanded

–Iran talks continue into the weekend in Vienna

–OPM director finally resigns, number of hacked personnel files climbs to 19 million

–Florida court throws out gerrymandered congressional map, orders new districts drawn

–Union of Concerned Scientists proves that Exxon knew of climate change in 1981, spent $30 million funding deniers

–new study shows climate change is primary cause of honeybee colony collapse

–curious new report on California fracking claims no evidence of water contamination or quakes, because no agency is collecting that data