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PBC News & Comment: Our News Junkie Friend Jason Leopold Makes the Front Page of New York Times

FOIA’s frequent filer and VICE reporter Jason Leopold gets well-deserved recognition for his excellent work based on government documents…..


Read the Leopold story here

–as Gen. Wesley Clark and many of my Facebook friends call Chattanooga shooting “terrorism”, FBI finds no proof and Greenwald makes a great argument: killing soldiers isn’t “terrorism”

–unfazed by the evidence, Rep. McCaul calls Chattanooga terrorism, and says FBI has foiled over 60 plots by “Isis followers” in past year, no evidence offered

–to grease the path of Iran deal, Obama offers billions in additional military aid to Israel; Iran’s Supreme Leader seems to approve the deal, UN Security Council votes 15-0 to lift sanctions from Iran

–to block the path of Iran deal, AIPAC has set up Orwellian Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, 4 retired senators sign up to promote Israel in conflict with Obama

–sealing Obama’s best-yet foreign policy move, Havana and Washington re-open their embassies, Kerry will go to Cuba in August

–WikiLeaks reveals document showing NSA helped CIA buffalo European allies about rendition flights, especially Germany in the el Masri case

–PBC declares that partisan lockdown on honest criticism of Obamacare is lifted, in new interview with veteran journalist Trudy Lieberman

–selective GOP outrage surfaces, as the Donald’s verbal slash and burn tour continues: he can slime Mexicans, but not John McCain

–at Netroots, rude activists with a valid message interrupt and heckle Sanders and O’Malley

–Bill Cosby’s doodoo deepens as NY Times reports on 10-year-old deposition

–in new wave of hacker puritanism, website that hooks up cheating spouses is threatened with exposure