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PBC News & Comment: Is Gen. Wes Clark Dumber than Trump?

As corporate media obsess on latest dump from the Idiot Trump, Clark proposes internment of  “disloyal Americans” with almost no reaction…..

--at The Intercept, Murtaza Hussein exposes Clark’s comment with some interesting background

--Oregon imam who sued to get off no-fly list faces loss of citizenship for supporting al Qaeda in the 1980’s when it was our ally in Afghanistan

--Canada’s Civil Liberties Assn challenges new anti-terrorism law

--investigators still find no direct link between accused Chattanooga shooter and jihadists

--at Turkish-Syrian border, suicide bombing that kills 30+ is blamed on IS; brief dispatch from a credible source on the ground says “false flag”

--Pope Francis is hosting world delegations to talk about climate change, Gov. Moonbeam glides in on private jet

--John Kerry says he “walked away 3 times” from Iran negotiations

--assault on Planned Parenthood continues, with release of new attack video

--jail video released by Waller County, Texas, covers last hours of Sandra Bland’s life, but nothing that reveals her “suicide”

--angry judge slams State Department for FOIA delays, and State blames Jason Leopold

--Trump’s comments about McCain were taken out of context—the Donald was riffing, and called McCain a loser before he joked “I like people who weren’t captured”

--extreme weather in Southern California: wildfires followed by deluge that washed out critical bridge on Interstate 10

--SF Giants slugger Barry Bonds beats the rap for using “the clear” and dissembling to grand jury

--Buddy Buie, leader of Atlanta Rhythm Section, dies at 74. We close with one of my ARS favorites, Everybody Gotta Go