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PBC News & Comment: Dashcam Video Shows Outrageous Police Behavior in Sandra Bland Case

In Waller County, Texas, Sandra Bland knew her rights and asserted them, as trooper created confrontation, threatened taser “I will light you up”…

–was the police video edited before its release? Vice News explores

–in Cincinnati, campus cop kills unarmed black man stopped for a missing license plate

–lame ducks Stewart and Obama compare notes on Daily Show

–Congressional Republicans take short break from obstructing immigration reform, exploiting the death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco to inflame tensions

–at Vatican climate change confab, my Gov. Moonbeam issues dire warnings about extinction, and leaving oil in the ground; he should heed his own words

–California’s Lt. Gov., Gavin Newsom, is leading an open process to get marijuana legalization right

–former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich gets a big break, as appeals court tosses 5 charges related to his appointment of Obama’s senate successor

NY Times editorial joins your humble host in calling out the staged videos being used to bring down Planned Parenthood

–aerial firefighters in California continue to be hampered by drones flown by amateurs

–China gives Ai Weiwei his passport back