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PBC News & Comment: 21 Wildfires Scorch Bone-Dry California

Smoky air covers much of California as overstretched firefighters struggle to contain blazes fueled by 3-year drought; lightning primary cause…..

--China fights for extradition of brother of disgraced top official who may be seeking asylum in California

--Ted Cruz parachutes in to Koch Brothers primary, “dominates” as he denies climate change to the billionaires who fund deniers

--Obama fuels the charges of “war on coal” with new EPA power plant rules

--Fox “News” plays GOP prez candidates like “Idol” contestants, continues to change the rules

--Less than 1,000 rich bastards have provided the bulk of funding for candidates so far; a handful of “investors” own major stakes in Cruz, Perry, Rubio, Walker

--Joe Biden threatens to enter presidential race, but our gaffe-prone Veep has no base and no clear reason for running

--one-time presidential contender John Kerry rounds up support for Iran deal in his Weapons for Brutal Dictators tour

--more embarrassment for Obama’s pipe dream of training “moderate” Syrians to fight IS and Assad, as most of “Division 30” recruits are kidnapped or desert

--in a year of US airstrikes, new report says we’ve killed 450 civilians in Iraq and Syria, but US Central Command claims only 2 have been killed

--with crude oil glut keeping prices low, idiots in Congress float idea to sell part of Strategic Petroleum Reserves to raise cash

--MSNBC drops the Ed Schultz show

--Kevin Gozstola announces new journalism site, Shadowproof