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PBC News & Comment: 21 Wildfires Scorch Bone-Dry California

Smoky air covers much of California as overstretched firefighters struggle to contain blazes fueled by 3-year drought; lightning primary cause…..

–China fights for extradition of brother of disgraced top official who may be seeking asylum in California

–Ted Cruz parachutes in to Koch Brothers primary, “dominates” as he denies climate change to the billionaires who fund deniers

–Obama fuels the charges of “war on coal” with new EPA power plant rules

–Fox “News” plays GOP prez candidates like “Idol” contestants, continues to change the rules

–Less than 1,000 rich bastards have provided the bulk of funding for candidates so far; a handful of “investors” own major stakes in Cruz, Perry, Rubio, Walker

–Joe Biden threatens to enter presidential race, but our gaffe-prone Veep has no base and no clear reason for running

–one-time presidential contender John Kerry rounds up support for Iran deal in his Weapons for Brutal Dictators tour

–more embarrassment for Obama’s pipe dream of training “moderate” Syrians to fight IS and Assad, as most of “Division 30” recruits are kidnapped or desert

–in a year of US airstrikes, new report says we’ve killed 450 civilians in Iraq and Syria, but US Central Command claims only 2 have been killed

–with crude oil glut keeping prices low, idiots in Congress float idea to sell part of Strategic Petroleum Reserves to raise cash

–MSNBC drops the Ed Schultz show

–Kevin Gozstola announces new journalism site, Shadowproof