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PBC News & Comment: Coal Barons Lawyer Up to Fight Obama’s Coal Rules

Obama’s modest changes to coal emissions rules leads coal addicts to lawyer up, accusing Obama of radical, illegal power grab

-in our new in-depth interview, Norwegian psychologist/economist Per Espen Stoknes offers advice to climate change activists hoping to persuade deniers

–Senate rejects GOP measure to abort all funding to Planned Parenthood, but this phase of war on women is just getting started—Trump piles on

–as Trump opportunistically recalibrates to appeal to conservatives, Hillary is moving left, “doing the Clinton” as the Foremen sang

–GOP senators jump on Reuters report that State Dept fudged human trafficking reports to upgrade Cuba and Malaysia for political reasons

–in strong op-ed, Joe Cirincione argues that the biggest nuclear threats come from US and Russia, not North Korea and Iran

–Israel will use the “administrative detention” usually reserved for Palestinians on suspects in West Bank arson that killed 18-month old

audiotape proves Alabama cop proposed killing a black man and staging evidence for “self-defense”

–Puerto Rico defaulted on its debt, next steps are unclear

–in Mexico, journalists are being slaughtered

–rare computer viruses aimed at Apple Computers are making the rounds