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PBC News & Comment: Coal Barons Lawyer Up to Fight Obama’s Coal Rules

Obama’s modest changes to coal emissions rules leads coal addicts to lawyer up, accusing Obama of radical, illegal power grab

-in our new in-depth interview, Norwegian psychologist/economist Per Espen Stoknes offers advice to climate change activists hoping to persuade deniers

--Senate rejects GOP measure to abort all funding to Planned Parenthood, but this phase of war on women is just getting started—Trump piles on

--as Trump opportunistically recalibrates to appeal to conservatives, Hillary is moving left, “doing the Clinton” as the Foremen sang

--GOP senators jump on Reuters report that State Dept fudged human trafficking reports to upgrade Cuba and Malaysia for political reasons

--in strong op-ed, Joe Cirincione argues that the biggest nuclear threats come from US and Russia, not North Korea and Iran

--Israel will use the “administrative detention” usually reserved for Palestinians on suspects in West Bank arson that killed 18-month old

--audiotape proves Alabama cop proposed killing a black man and staging evidence for “self-defense”

--Puerto Rico defaulted on its debt, next steps are unclear

--in Mexico, journalists are being slaughtered

--rare computer viruses aimed at Apple Computers are making the rounds