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Based on Hillary’s Emails, Journalist Steve Horn Reveals Her Staffers’ Roles Promoting Fracking, Busting Pemex in Mexico

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Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog returns to talk about State Dept. promotion of fracking and breaking the state energy monopoly Pemex in Mexico, based on Hillary’s emails.Horn acknowledges Jason Leopold’s role in forcing the release of Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. emails, and his article focuses on 3 former government officials who took the revolving door into industries that benefited from their work in government.

Horn profiles 3 people and their roles:

–David Goldwyn, appointed in 2009 by Clinton as International Energy Coordinator, where he promoted fracking and “energy sector reform”–meaning the breakup of the Pemex state monopoly and opening Mexico to US-based transnational oil companies.  Goldwyn is now an industry attorney and consultant and a fellow at the Atlantic Council and Brookings Institution.

–Carlos Pascual, who succeeded Goldwyn as energy coordinator immediately after serving as US ambassador to Mexico.  Cables leaked by WikiLeaks show he advised that the Mexican government would appear to oppose the US initiatives for public consumption, while working to frack Mexican wells and expand drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

–Neil Brown was a top staff adviser to Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) who promoted legislation to benefit American corporations, then exited to Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts, the equity firm where he works with disgraced Gen. David Petraeus to promote private sector exploitation of the opportunities that Brown helped shape as a public employee.

In the last 15 minutes of the interview, we shift to Horn’s recent investigation of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, lobbyists who used to work for him, and some Wisconsin Democrats–who have teamed up to enable the NBA Milwaukee Bucks to build a new arena with huge subsidies from taxpayers.  With his colleague Michael Arria, Horn has published 2 stories on this scam, here and here.