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My Adventures in Spain

Your humble host has just returned from a 3 week tour of Spain; here’s a recap of our adventures.

This is the first podcast on our updated website. Please listen to the podcast named “Important Podcast Update” for details.

In this episode, you’ll hear my travelog from our exploration of Spain. We visited Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Barcelona, Tarragona, Sevilla, Granada and the Costa Del Sol.

From Roman ruins to Muslim control of southern Spain, followed by the ruthless Catholic monarchs who consolidated power and built cathedrals on the sites of captured mosques, Spain has a rich history that’s still evident in modern life. In many interesting ways, this history informs the current struggle between Muslims and Christians, and Muslim aspirations to restore their caliphates.

Maybe these accounts will inspire you to add Spain to your bucket list!