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Important Podcast Update for All PBC Listeners

Here’s an important podcast update for listeners to the Peter B. Collins podcast.

We’ve updated the site so it’s more friendly to smartphone and tablet users. We no longer have a separate feed for the free daily News & Comment podcast. In some cases you will need to reset your RSS feed. Just delete the old feed, and set up:

In upgrades like this, we always encounter a few unexpected problems. I just heard from Bill Cote, an annual subscriber, and his subscription file apparently was deleted in the transfer. If this happens to you, just email with your username and the type of subscription, and we will fix it.

You can now listen to and manage our podcasts with iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher or directly from If you have an iPhone or iPad, the PBC app is elegant and simple, and it’s available in the app store for just $2.99

Your comments and feedback on the new look and operations are welcome—we’ve already made a couple of tweaks suggested by listeners. And if you have any problems, just drop me an email and we’ll get you squared away. We’re still tinkering, so please be patient as we seek perfection.