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PBC News & Comment: Military Doubletalk on Afghan Pedophiles

In crafted denial, top US general in Afghanistan says there is no policy to ignore sexual abuse by Afghan fighters….

–to its credit, PBS Newshour balanced its coverage of Pope Francis arriving in Washington with a recap of Catholic sex abuse scandal and coverup
–Francis gets political on climate change, avoiding abortion, contraception, same sex marriage and Guantanamo, so far
–2 more men released from Gitmo, but 52 cleared prisoners languish as Pentagon chief Carter drags his feet, and “Justice” Dept. continues appeals
–Obama finally admits that training Syrian “moderates” was total failure, tries to deflect blame, as Russia enters the anti-IS clusterf*ck
–Volkswagen CEO resigns after apologizing for scheme that allowed diesel cars to pass emissions tests while spewing pollutants
–in surprise move, Hillary Clinton says she opposes Keystone XL, but her rationale is strange
–FBI investigators have recovered the emails that were deleted from Hillary’s server
–hoping to soften his image as a brutal military dictator, Egypt’s Sisi pardons 100 prisoners, including 2 al Jazeera journalists
–flood of refugees from Mideast war zones divides European leaders, US shirks its responsibility as prime cause of dislocation
–Petraeus welcomed on Capitol Hill, apologizing for personal failings while promoting his same failed policy ideas
–desperate Republicans scheme to score cheap hits on Planned Parenthood, threatening government shutdown
–as GOP presidential field shrinks, Carly Fiorina gets her 15 minutes, pandering on Planned Parenthood and trying to re-write her personal history at HP