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PBC News & Comment: Military Doubletalk on Afghan Pedophiles

In crafted denial, top US general in Afghanistan says there is no policy to ignore sexual abuse by Afghan fighters….

--to its credit, PBS Newshour balanced its coverage of Pope Francis arriving in Washington with a recap of Catholic sex abuse scandal and coverup
--Francis gets political on climate change, avoiding abortion, contraception, same sex marriage and Guantanamo, so far
--2 more men released from Gitmo, but 52 cleared prisoners languish as Pentagon chief Carter drags his feet, and “Justice” Dept. continues appeals
--Obama finally admits that training Syrian “moderates” was total failure, tries to deflect blame, as Russia enters the anti-IS clusterf*ck
--Volkswagen CEO resigns after apologizing for scheme that allowed diesel cars to pass emissions tests while spewing pollutants
--in surprise move, Hillary Clinton says she opposes Keystone XL, but her rationale is strange
--FBI investigators have recovered the emails that were deleted from Hillary’s server
--hoping to soften his image as a brutal military dictator, Egypt’s Sisi pardons 100 prisoners, including 2 al Jazeera journalists
--flood of refugees from Mideast war zones divides European leaders, US shirks its responsibility as prime cause of dislocation
--Petraeus welcomed on Capitol Hill, apologizing for personal failings while promoting his same failed policy ideas
--desperate Republicans scheme to score cheap hits on Planned Parenthood, threatening government shutdown
--as GOP presidential field shrinks, Carly Fiorina gets her 15 minutes, pandering on Planned Parenthood and trying to re-write her personal history at HP