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PBC News & Comment: America’s Arrogant, Brutal Cops Run Wild

In Indiana, Baltimore and Springfield, MO, egregious cases of excessive force and thug tactics reported, as police killings total 861 this year…

--police dashcam video from Indiana 2012 show cops terrorizing couple rushing to hospital with wife in labor
--journalist Roger Shuler and his wife Carol were illegally evicted from an apartment by 5 or 6 sheriff deputies, and a deputy fractured Carol’s arm with no provocation
--in Baltimore County, unarmed man suspected of prescription fraud is shot 3 times after he reportedly pointed his finger at the cop
--The Counted reports that 861 Americans have been killed by police so far in 2015
--Pope Francis addresses Congress, calls for end to capital punishment and the arms trade, and calls attention to homelessness and poverty
--Los Angeles announces plan to spend $100 million to reduce homelessness
--Chinese leader Xi Jinping is visiting the White House, rejecting charges of hacking and calling for cyber security dialogue
--White House announces that Obama and Putin will meet next week to talk about Syria and Ukraine
--Ed Snowden skypes into New York conference on proposed “Snowden Treaty” to limit mass surveillance, spearheaded by David Miranda
--Charlie Savage at NY Times uses Snowden docs to show how Bush “fixed” the legal basis for dragnet collection of phone data after Ashcroft’s hospital showdown
--Sen. Wyden lifts his hold on NSA and Intel budget bill after social media snooping clause is removed—“Facebook Bureau of Investigation
--near Mecca, 717 people on the Hajj are killed in stampede
--in op-ed, lawyer for Abu Zubaydah and Majid Khan slams Obama for trying to suppress their accounts of torture in US custody