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Journalist Roger Shuler Gives Detailed Account of Recent Eviction That Brutalized His Wife

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Roger Shuler, the journalist who has exposed deep corruption in Alabama, shares the painful story of the unlawful eviction by heavily-armed deputies that left his wife with a shattered arm and other injuries.Regular listeners know Shuler as the investigative reporter who has exposed corrupt politicians and courts in Alabama, and that he spent 5 months in jail on bogus defamation and contempt charges starting in October, 2013.  Shortly after his release, the Shuler’s home in Birmingham was foreclosed, and they moved to Springfield, Missouri in the summer of 2014.

On September 9, 5 or 6 deputies under the personal direction of Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott burst into the Shuler’s apartment with assault weapons drawn, and first handcuffed Roger and Carol.  Later, the handcuffs were removed, and Carol was told she could enter the apartment to retrieve personal items.  Two or more deputies jumped her, slammed her to the ground, and twisted both arms behind her back.

Shuler reports that Sheriff Arnott exclaimed that Carol had assaulted a deputy, while Roger observed no contact or provocation.  Carol was taken away in a squad car, and after repeated complaints about her broken left arm, they finally took her to a hospital, where she spent several days and required major surgery to patch her shattered arm.  She suffered other injuries, including serious bruising on her other arm.

Shuler tells us that they were current with the rent when the landlord unilaterally moved to terminate their lease.  The eviction occurred before a ten-day grace period had elapsed, and despite a legal appeal that had put a hold on any eviction proceedings.

And he says flatly, “There’s absolutely no question in my mind” that the eviction is retribution for his ongoing reporting about Alabama corruption–most recently breaking the story about the sexual affair of current Alabama governor Robert Bentley that led his wife of 50 years to file for divorce.

The Shulers lost most of their property in the eviction, some items were stolen by employees of the landlord.  They are living in a fleabag motel with just the clothes on their backs.  If you can make a donation of any size, please visit the LegalSchnauzer blog.