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PBC News & Comment: 19 Years After Clinton Deregulation, Radio Industry Teeters

Dickey brothers have run Cumulus Media into the ground, 460 stations in 90 markets face imminent bankruptcy, more cutbacks likely…

Read about Cumulus here

–Rep. Alan Grayson, (D-FL) files ethics complaint against GOP leaders for wasting taxpayer money on Benghazi select committee; read the letter about Cheryl Mills’ testimony here

–Middle East at war:

–Russia ramps up attacks in Syria with sea-launched cruise missiles

–Russian media reports Iraq wants Russia to take bigger role than US in IS fight

–bizarro email from pastor in North Carolina reports that preachers all over the US are dreaming that Russia will attack America

–new IS “affiliate” in Yemen claims responsibility for suicide bombing that killed 15

–President Obama phones apology to Doctors Without Borders over bombing of Kunduz hospital

–knives—and guns—are out as Palestinians and Israels continue attacks

–The Guardian’s excellent coverage of Americans killed by police exposes data manipulation in cases of “suicide by cop”

–in followup to yesterday’s reference to Bradblog report on Alabama, congresswoman calls for investigation of photo ID law, closure of DMV offices

–new poll show Sanders closing gap on Clinton in California, as Sanders courts labor with pro-union legislation

–Shocker! House and Senate amend Obamacare without trying to repeal it….can I have my Single Payer now?

–equal pay for women is now the law in California