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PBC News & Comment: McCarthy Drops Speaker Bid, Clinton Says She Opposes TPP

Beltway bombshells: Media keep McCarthy’s affair on downlow, as Clinton says “me too” to Sanders and says she opposes TPP…

--Google search for terms “Kevin McCarthy” and “affair” return 3 million results, but corporate media blacked out coverage of McCarthy’s alleged affair with Rep. Renee Ellmers

--Alan Grayson claims credit for McCarthy’s withdrawal over Benghazi comments

--in Iowa interview, Hillary Clinton says she can’t support TPP, “based on what I’ve seen”

--former Vermont newspaper editor supports Sanders on the issues, but says he’s a humorless, moralizing scold

--Prof. Larry Lessig is a qualified candidate for president, but is being excluded from debates

--CIA operative turned whistleblower Sabrina DeSousa is detained in Lisbon, may be extradited to Italy to face charges in botched Abu Omar kidnapping; she was interviewed for this podcast in August, 2013

--in new report, WhoWhatWhy says FBI is creating massive database of pictures and fingerprints, and combining criminal and civil data in alarming developments

--FBI director Comey resists mandatory reporting of police killings, after previously complaining that he did not have this data

--FBI reports busting Moldovans who were trying to sell radioactive cesium to Islamic State for dirty bomb, but AP investigation shows bad guys got away

--GOP Senate chair submits amendments to funding bill the would block prosecution of medical marijuana, protect banks with pot money, allow vets to use medical weed