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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Will Review Pretextual Texas Abortion Law

Setting the stage for critical vote that could derail abortion rights, Supreme Court agrees to review deceptive Texas abortion restrictions….–Texas is not the only state limiting access to abortion, and creating barriers for pregnant women

–Utah judge reverses his order, will allow lesbian couple to keep foster child

–Trump self-destructs in Iowa rant, comparing Ben Carson to child molester

blog says Carson plagiarized at least 3 passages in his book

–Beirut reels from suicide attacks killing 43, IS claims responsibility

–Kurdish fighters are trying to rout Daesh from Sinjar

–US and UK claim that drone has killed the host of IS beheading videos, Jihadi John

–after 8,000 bombing raids, US now targets IS controlled oil fields in Syria

–John Kerry hosts another round of useless talks in Vienna, clinging to fantasy that Assad will step down

–Britain faces charges in International Criminal Court over war crimes in Iraq; US skates, since we don’t recognize ICC

–EU offers Turkey $3 billion to keep refugees from moving to Europe

–general strike in Greece aver hardships from austerity—why didn’t the EU give that $3 billion to Greece?

–oops! Russian TV report reveals “secret” Russian nuclear weapons system…was it an accident?

–Democrats’ loss in Kentucky governor’s race highlights sharp decline of Democrats in state government and fewer future leaders

–the formerly-liberal 9th Circuit rejects challenge to death penalty in California

–a San Francisco icon, stripper Carol Doda, dies at age 78