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PBC News & Comment: MSDNC Springs Abortion Trap on Trump

In tag-team takedown, Chris Matthews corners Trump on criminalizing abortion and Rachel Maddow tees up strong response from Hillary Clinton…--LA Times reveals the backstory to anti-Planned Parenthood sneak videos, which judge repeatedly calls “fraudulent”

--relaxation of FDA rules enables 4-state test of abortion pills by mail

--alleged clerical error keeps Sanders off the ballot in Washington, DC

--reality check for Sanders supporters: he needs major upsets in NY and CA to win

--in premature political obit, Harold Meyerson makes good points about the long-term impact of The Bern

--author Thomas Frank talks about his new book Listen Liberal, and how the Dems keep misreading the voters by shifting rightward

--2 reports on Trump rally protesters, one says he was paid $3,500 to protest in Arizona

--Pentagon gives notice of 12 more releases from Guantanamo

--Obama announces 61 new commutations of drug sentences

--in Alabama, Gov. Bentley’s girlfriend resigns, but he says he won’t, and impeachment may start next week

--in Maryland, appeals court releases its opinion in Stingray decision, slams state and Baltimore officials for secret use and lame excuses