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PBC News & Comment: Fools Abound This April 1

These days, it’s hard to separate buffoons, blowhards and pranksters, easy to laugh at the fear-filled worldview of the Right…..--no joke here: 500,000 Americans in 40 states lose food stamp benefits as of April 1

--new polls show Sanders and Cruz leading in Wisconsin, could deal setbacks to Clinton and Trump

--in flash of anger, Clinton says she is “sick of the Sanders campaign lying” about donations from fossil fuel industry; she splits hairs in her denials

Brent Budowsky, a longtime Clinton loyalist, says she owes Sanders an apology

--while pundits and pols say Sanders is finished, he raised $44 million in March

--Republicans worry that Trump will become “Zombie” candidate, damaging GOP

--Turkey’s strongman Erdogan arrives in Washington, and his security goons harass journalists like they’re at a Trump rally

--Turkey is also brutalizing refugees and forcing them back to Syria, a trend that is likely to worsen with new EU migrant return policy

--Obama hosts 50 world leaders for nuclear summit, lecturing them on disarmament as US maintains and upgrades its nuke arsenal

--Islamic State confronts Saudi royal rulers, claiming IS reflects true Wahabbis

--new reports indicate that commander gave OK to medic to execute unarmed, wounded Palestinian in West Bank last week

--Apple Computer celebrates 40th birthday, an amazing arc of innovation marred by tax-dodging and offshore manufacturing

--40 years ago today, Three Mile Island nuke plant in Pennsylvania, and worker says the damage was “hundreds times worse” than reported

--nearly-bankrupt Cumulus Media nukes legendary KGO-AM with staff purge and format change to conservative talk

--Nicole Sandler compiles a great list of the “liberal media” online