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PBC News & Comment: Panama Papers Leak Seems Aimed at Putin

Secret offshore corporations linked to world leaders are exposed as 11 million files are leaked to German newspaper, journalist group….–Juan Cole notes that some familiar MidEast names surface, like Mubarak, Allawi, and Saudi King Salman

++your humbled host apologizes for late delivery of this podcast.  In his rush to run off to the ski slopes, he forgot to click “publish”.

–Bernie, release your taxes! David Cay Johnston’s report is here, the Money magazine hit job is here

–NY Times runs odd report analyzing “early missteps” of Sanders campaign

–NY Times reports its new poll shows Clinton trouncing Trump, making no mention of polls that show that Sanders beats Trump by wider margin

–Hillary Clinton feels sorry for young people she says are being misled about her record and where she raises campaign money

–in NY state, fractivists are keeping pressure on CLinton

–PBC got pranked by fake report of Arizona protester who said he was paid $3,500 to protest Trump rally

–Obama slams Trump for reckless nuclear ideas, and for his ignorance

–Karen Stewart, new NSA whistleblower talks about the incredible retaliation she has gotten for a workplace complaint over 10 years ago

–as “spotlight” on Catholic sex crimes moves to Pennsylvania, victim turned legislator calls it “organized crime”

–Supreme Court issues unanimous ruling for “one person, one vote”

–Secret Service deflates 50-foot joint used in protest at White House