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PBC News & Comment: Wisconsin Defines Sanders’ Winning Formula

As expected, Sanders wins Wisconsin with 50% of women, 78% of under-45; but low Dem turnout may hamper any Democrat….–as Clinton team says it will hit Sanders harder, it uses NY Daily News interview excerpts to suggest he is clueless on bank reform, Israel/Palestine

NY Times writer unpacks the interview, says “Yes, Sanders knows something about breaking up banks”

–Cruz slows Trump down with 48-34 Wisconsin win

–Trump details his plan to make Mexicans pay for his border wall, based on empty threats to confiscate remittance funds

–Iceland’s prime minister withdraws his resignation after Panama Papers expose

–here’s a good overview of the sprawling Panama Papers leak

–Public Citizen tweaks ObamaCo over Panama, noting that key aim of US-Panama Free Trade Agreement was to clean up corporate corruption

–Obama squeezes drug giant Pfizer, which scuttles its Irish tax dodge plan

–Morgan Stanley says The Big Short has damaged market for sub-prime bonds backed by consumer car loans

–Rep. Alan Grayson, running for Florida Senate seat, reports that Ethics committee has ended its review of his hedge fund and related matters

–Jason Leopold’s latest report names some of the movies and TV shows that the CIA has collaborated on

–FBI offers to unlock iPhones for other cops, won’t say what it found on San Bernardino phone

–coal baron Don Blankenship is sentenced to one year on prison for mine explosion that killed 29 miners

–Mississippi governor signs “Religious Liberty to Discriminate” law

–Tennessee names the Bible its state book

–Paypal kills plan to hire 400 in North Carolina in protest of discrimination law

–Muslim group challenges No Fly list

–DC Madam lawyer continues fight to release phone records of a presidential candidate, despite rejections from chief justice and nominated justice Garland