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PBC News & Comment: Rachel Maddow Only Finds GOP Voting Errors in NY Primary

On MSDNC, Rachel Maddow covers NY elections glitch in GOP primary, ignores all of the problems Dems faced, investigation promised….--Camille Paglia offers some pretty blunt comments and questions to the Hillary Cult”

--noting Clinton’s huge negatives in polling, Robert Parry says Dems are marching toward a cliff

--Kevin Gozstola makes the case that Sanders can still win, if he ignores the condescending threats and advice from the Clinton camp

--lawyer for Jason Leopold challenges secret government filings in suit over Clinton’s emails

--in meeting with Saudi dictator King Salman, we’re told that the conflict over 9/11 and lawsuit bill was not discussed

--in op-ed, two economists argue that mass incarceration is costly, and counter-productive

--FISA Court rules in first case that permitted conflicting arguments, but the government still wins

--Trevor Timm hammers the FISA Court in this commentary

--2 important stories on the impact of the drone wars onhuman targets, and the American crews who operate them

--Senate passes bipartisan energy bill with some real bad shit in it, like declaring that burning trees is carbon-neutral

--last year’s Paris accord on climate change amounts to feel-good empty rhetoric

--pro-nuke climate activists complain that liberals are anti-science for balking at nuclear power as a solution to climate change

--Prince is dead at age 57