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PBC News & Comment: In Major Shift, Case of Victims of US Torture Will Proceed

Federal judge in Spokane denies government motions, allows torture victims to sue CIA consultants Mitchell and Jessen, Jason Leopold deserves credit….–in departure from coverups based on “state secrets”, first case related to torture is a landmark; read Guardian’s live updates from the hearing here

–Sabrina D’Souza, former CIA agent accused in botched Abu Omar kidnapping loses appeal in Portugal, will likely be extradited to Italy

–Obama administration proposes key changes to Guantanamo tribunals, and end to ban on transfers to US

The Intercept releases recording of female FBI informants, a “honeypot” who heard man talk of suicide and shifted the conversation to jihad

–FBI Director Comey admits he paid more than $1.3 million to hack San Bernardino iPhone, and they found nothing

–Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) exposes smartphone vulnerabilies that allow attackers to compromise most phones

–Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says Apple should pay its fair share of taxes

–in colorful comments on crisis in Brazil, Pepe Escobar talks about possible US involvement in the takedown of the Workers’ Party government

–VW agrees to buy back 500,000 diesel cars over emissions fraud

–Mitsubishi admits it lied about fuel consumption on cars sold in Japan

–suicide rate in US reaches 30-year peak

–latest effort from ClintonCo to pressure Sanders to get out of the race: it’s costing money to compete with the Bern

–in Reality Check feature, The Guardian says Clinton is not the most experienced candidate in the race

–Amazon helps Seattle’s homeless, opening a motel it owns for housing