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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Tags Clinton as “Last True Hawk” in Prez Race

As paid web trolls reveal the scope of the Clinton propaganda machine, NY Times profiles Hillary as most hawkish candidate…..--the Times magazine story is here

--the blog posts exposing Clinton’s social media management—propaganda—efforts are here and here

--withholding endorsement, Joe Biden still says he supports Sanders’s vision over Clinton’s caution

--on eve of 5 primaries, NY Times runs another premature political obituary for Sanders campaign, and exposes ways that the process is rigged for Clinton

--in desperation, Cruz and Kasich conspire to stop Trump

--Lame Duck Mission Creep Alert: Obama will deploy 250 troops, plus medics and support staff, to Syria

--author and veteran Joe Hickman comments on the latest “mini-surge”

--Obama also tried to sell skeptical Europeans on TTIP and other trade deals

--on HBO, John Oliver did a great job explaining the Puerto Rican debt crisis, vulture capitalists and failed tax incentive deals, then lets Lin-Manuel Miranda rap about it

--our lead story here Friday—that a key lawsuit over torture is moving forward, has not yet been covered by NY Times and other corporate media

--another major coverup—the Dennis Hastert scandal—is being sealed off as sentencing is set for Wednesday

--Solar Impact 2 arrives in Bay Area after flight from Hawaii

--crooner Billy Paul and guitar great Lonnie Mack passed away over the weekend