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PBC News & Comment: NY Times Tags Clinton as “Last True Hawk” in Prez Race

As paid web trolls reveal the scope of the Clinton propaganda machine, NY Times profiles Hillary as most hawkish candidate…..–the Times magazine story is here

–the blog posts exposing Clinton’s social media management—propaganda—efforts are here and here

–withholding endorsement, Joe Biden still says he supports Sanders’s vision over Clinton’s caution

–on eve of 5 primaries, NY Times runs another premature political obituary for Sanders campaign, and exposes ways that the process is rigged for Clinton

–in desperation, Cruz and Kasich conspire to stop Trump

–Lame Duck Mission Creep Alert: Obama will deploy 250 troops, plus medics and support staff, to Syria

–author and veteran Joe Hickman comments on the latest “mini-surge”

–Obama also tried to sell skeptical Europeans on TTIP and other trade deals

–on HBO, John Oliver did a great job explaining the Puerto Rican debt crisis, vulture capitalists and failed tax incentive deals, then lets Lin-Manuel Miranda rap about it

–our lead story here Friday—that a key lawsuit over torture is moving forward, has not yet been covered by NY Times and other corporate media

–another major coverup—the Dennis Hastert scandal—is being sealed off as sentencing is set for Wednesday

–Solar Impact 2 arrives in Bay Area after flight from Hawaii

–crooner Billy Paul and guitar great Lonnie Mack passed away over the weekend