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PBC News & Comment: Mysterious Death and Murder in Flint

TV cameras and politicians have moved on, as Flint water crisis leads to murder, unexplained death and surveillance of Michiganders….–one of the first residents to sue over lead poisoning of her baby, Sasha Bell, was found murdered last week, along with a friend or roommate

–on April 16, a foreman at the Flint water works who had been interviewed by investigators was found dead at home, no explanation so far

–angry Michigan man who advocated civil unrest in Facebook post is arrested, exposing social media surveillance by Michigan State Police

–the Clinton campaign’s internet trolls are being exposed, today by columnist in NY Daily News

–5 of 15 remaining primaries, led by Pennsylvania vote today as labor unions launch anti-Trump campaign

–UAW, which represents University of California employees, sees internal dispute over endorsement of BDS movement against Israeli policies

–California voters got to see first, and last, debate among top 5 of 34 candidates, Attorney General Kamala Harris and Rep. Loretta Sanchez are the leaders

–federal judge in North Carolina upholds voter ID law

–lawyers for Ammon Bundy seek to dismiss charges for Malheur occupation, claiming federal government has no jurisdiction over public lands

–FBI investigation of FBI agents rules that it was OK to kill unarmed man who was fleeing, but not OK to shoot at his tires

–federal judge rules against FBI entrapment of child porn site users over technical issue

–ex-CIA officer Sabrina Desouza will be extradited to Italy on May 4 to face charges in bungled kidnap in Milan in 2003

–top spook and proven perjurer James Clapper blames Snowden revelations for accelerating pace of encryption

–in fascinating report, The Intercept details Google’s special access to Obama White House, 427 total through October 2015

–Cleveland agrees to pay $6 million to family of Tamir Rice, but his killer cop will not be charged