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PBC News & Comment: Sanders Signals Acceptance, Shifts Campaign Attitude

Media place crowns on Clinton and Trump as voters of both parties display massive denial about the candidates’ yuge drawbacks….–low turnouts continue to plague Dems, in Senate primaries, establishment candidates beat progressives, like Donna Edwards in Maryland and Joe Sestak in PA

–the keyword that describes this election cycle is “cringe”

–Facebook says suspension of Sanders’s supporters pages was internal glitch

–in oral arguments, Supreme Court justices seem ready to overturn former VA governor’s graft convictions; so why is Don Siegelman still in prison?

The Guardian creates online, virtual solitary confinement experience

–disgraced former speaker Dennis Hastert is sentenced today, as media seals coverup of his major scandals in Washington

–Minneapolis TSA manager says he was told to target Somali-Americans

–Speculation builds that Snowden leaks led to ouster of Germany’s top spy

–federal appeals court says CIA doesn’t have to disclose info on drone killings

–San Francisco police department is rocked by a second wave of racist text messages traded by cops

–hunger striker demands resignation of SF Mayor Ed Lee and police chief over text messages and police shootings