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PBC News & Comment: Trump Clinches GOP Nomination, Shitstorm Ahead!

Trump’s win in Indiana makes him last man standing, as Sanders beats Clinton and exposes her shady campaign finance schemes….–Cruz and Kasich yield to reality: Trump grabbed the nomination, there will not be a contested convention; Cruz unloads on Trump as he exits with Carly Fiorina

–Sanders campaign cites Politico investigation showing that less than 1% of $61 million in megadonor money is being shared with state parties as promised

–federal judge in Clinton email case approves deposition plan, possibly including HRC

–Thomas Frank asks why the alternative to Trump must be self-satisfied, complacent Democrats

–media continues anti-Sanders spin in coverage of latest polls

–in bold move, Army Captain serving in war zone sues Obama over war powers, and lack of authorization for the current war in Iraq and Syria

–in bizarre move, Secretary of State Kerry sets August 1 deadline for Assad transition

–the Navy Seal killed in Iraq yesterday was the son of a high school classmate of PBC

–in latest Processing Distortion podcast, Sibel Edmonds talks about the limited-hangout coverup of Dennis Hastert’s most serious crimes

–Justice Breyer slams death penalty and California’s process in dissent from Supreme Court denial of death row man’s appeal

–Israeli court sentences the ringleader of 2014 brutal killing of Muhammed Khdeir to life plus 20

–6 more workers at Hanford nuclear site are treated for exposure to radioactive leaks from tanks in Washington state

–your humble host joins the millions with a dangerous Takata airbag in his car as Takata struggles to survive

–feds end 4-year effort to shut medical cannabis outlet in Oakland, a stunt that was intended to help Obama’s 2012 reelection, as legalization initiative qualifies

–46 years ago today, 4 students protesting Vietnam war were shot and killed by national guardsmen at Kent State in Ohio