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In-Depth Interview: Sibel Edmonds Details the Coverup of the Most Serious Crimes of Dennis Hastert

In the last week of April, the judge who sentenced former GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert to 15 months in jail described him accurately as a “serial child molester” while, perhaps unwittingly, he cemented in place the coverup of Hastert’s serious crimes (not limited to pedophilia) as a Congressman and Speaker.  Sibel Edmonds has accurately, and courageously, exposed much more of the sordid history of Hastert;  in over 9 months, no other media outlet we’re aware of has even raised the most obvious question:  did Hastert stop molesting boys when he went to Washington?  Edmonds knows that the FBI and CIA videotaped many of his sexual adventures, strong evidence that Hastert’s conviction for lying about structured transactions is the most serious attempt at a “limited hangout” coverup since Nixon.  So far, it’s holding nicely for its creators.

Sibel Edmonds is founder and publisher of BoilingFrogsPost.  Her most recent book, a novel called The Lone Gladio, includes some scenes based on the real Dennis Hastert Story.  The complete archive of Hastert coverage is here.

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