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PBC News & Comment: Powerful Portrayal of Life on Death Row

Cartoon journalist Patrick Chappatte depicts grim life on death row in series of graphics packages in NY Times, must see!….–see the story of Kevin Cooper’s 2004 execution process, which was blocked by the Supreme Court at the last minute

–at The Intercept, Liliana Segura details how Bill Clinton ignored warnings about serious flaws in 1996 crime bill that sharply limited habeas corpus for condemned prisoners

–law professor Jonathan Turley responds to Bill Clinton’s recent dismissal of the FBI email investigation

–Trump remorse sets in as party faithful figure out they’ve been hijacked, even Rush Limbaugh seems chagrined

–in some cases involving unconstitutional Stingray-type surveillance, FBI is telling cops to recreate evidence to avoid disclosure of Stingray

–as FDA announces new rules for e-cigarettes, California enacts new law raising age for tobacco purchase to 21, treats vapers like smokers

–Obama went to Flint, took a sip of water, and gave annoying pep talk to local residents while failing to tell Gov. Snyder to step down; Michael Moore calls Obama out

–in Utah, confusing and unscientific new abortion law takes effect this month, requiring anesthesia for fetus after 20 weeks

–many of the same extreme, anti-abortion lawmakers oppose sensible restrictions on guns; 4 toddlers shot and killed themselves in one week in April as NY Times reports

–in Texas, a “good Samaritan” grabbed his gun in attempt to stop a man who had shot his wife is killed

–California doctor confirms that Prince was addicted to painkillers, but intervention didn’t happen in time