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PBC News & Comment: Sultan Erdogan Consolidates Power in Turkey

Until recently a secular democracy, Turkey has converted to Islamic dictatorship under Erdogan; US and EU’s unreliable partner…..--Prime Minister Davutoglu is forced out by his nominal subordinate, President Erdogan, who seems jealous of the PM’s recent role with EU

--Turkish Parliament roiled by series of fistfights and mayhem, as Erdogan’s party tries to strip immunity from Kurdish representatives

--in Brazil, new twist in impeachment saga, as corrupt House Speaker who brought charges against President is ordered to step down by court

--Alberta Armageddon continues, as Ft. McMurray is ravaged by wildfires stoked by drought and unusual heat wave

--NSA and CIA have doubled the number of warrantless searches of Americans in past 2 years

--leaker of Panama Papers is still unnamed, but s/he is negotiating for immunity, offering to help investigators

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports that top intelligence lawyer says Obama administration drove war on whistelblowers

--Justice Dept. responds to complaints from Inspectors General that ObamaCo has limited access to government records

--following Israeli raid into Gaza, Hamas mortars are fired, and Israel launches assaults from air and ground

--new report shows that Pentagon continues to mishandle sex assault cases

--same as it ever was, Afghanistan reports big poppy harvest, Taliban profits

--Obama commutes sentences of 58 more nonviolent drug offenders

--North Carolina bathroom cops will defy federal sanctions

--slain Honduran activist Berta Caceres was targeted for months before her murder

--talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer, as jury awards victim $55 million from Johnson & Johnson

--Speaker Paul Ryan refuses to unite around Trump candidacy

--new poll shows Clinton and Sanders both beat Trump, Sanders by more