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PBC News & Comment: TSA and IRS Chiefs Under Fire

TSA boss is sacked over long airport lines and bonus scheme, as GOP House launches silly impeachment of IRS leader…–the guy in charge of airport security theater is fired, but nobody questions the absurd, ineffective operations

–GOP House starts impeachment of IRS boss for stuff that happened before he was hired, a farce for fundraising

–backlash in Pakistan from Obama’s drone strike that killed Taliban leader Mansour

–Russia protests recent incident where US spy plane was reported flying too close to airliner near Russian border

–US has protested Russian jets buzzing Navy ships

–and China is protesting American flyby’s

–in Illinois, lawmakers unanimously pass bill to require warrants for any use of Stingray dragnet surveillance

–Monsanto is in play, as Bayer offers $62 billion for control of seeds and pesticides

–in his first article for The Intercept, our friend Steve Horn, with Lee Fang, exposes Clinton’s efforts to export fracking

–Horn also exposed that Exxon-Mobil has had patents that would reduce carbon emissions for decades, and climate activist Bill McKibben is calling them out

–Sanders is now calling for a “recanvass” of Kentucky primary results

–ObamaCO sets the stage to release another 23 prisoners from Gitmo

–GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire is micromanaging Guantanamo rules for political gain

–brother of Gitmo prisoner who wrote Guantanamo Diary is deported on arrival in US

–a blogger has written an open letter to MSNBC and Rachel Maddow