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PBC News & Comment: TSA and IRS Chiefs Under Fire

TSA boss is sacked over long airport lines and bonus scheme, as GOP House launches silly impeachment of IRS leader…--the guy in charge of airport security theater is fired, but nobody questions the absurd, ineffective operations

--GOP House starts impeachment of IRS boss for stuff that happened before he was hired, a farce for fundraising

--backlash in Pakistan from Obama’s drone strike that killed Taliban leader Mansour

--Russia protests recent incident where US spy plane was reported flying too close to airliner near Russian border

--US has protested Russian jets buzzing Navy ships

--and China is protesting American flyby’s

--in Illinois, lawmakers unanimously pass bill to require warrants for any use of Stingray dragnet surveillance

--Monsanto is in play, as Bayer offers $62 billion for control of seeds and pesticides

--in his first article for The Intercept, our friend Steve Horn, with Lee Fang, exposes Clinton’s efforts to export fracking

--Horn also exposed that Exxon-Mobil has had patents that would reduce carbon emissions for decades, and climate activist Bill McKibben is calling them out

--Sanders is now calling for a “recanvass” of Kentucky primary results

--ObamaCO sets the stage to release another 23 prisoners from Gitmo

--GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire is micromanaging Guantanamo rules for political gain

--brother of Gitmo prisoner who wrote Guantanamo Diary is deported on arrival in US

--a blogger has written an open letter to MSNBC and Rachel Maddow