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PBC News & Comment: Inspector General Slams Clinton for Private Email Server

State Department investigation sharply criticizes Clinton for ignoring security rules, and insisting on using her own server for her convenience……–read the Inspector General’s report here

–Clinton spinmeister Jason Easley claims the report deals “death blow” to the scandal, wishful thinking

–Bernie Sanders denies he is running “scorched earth” campaign, lists HRC emails and other topics he has avoided

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren turns up her bluster on Trump, using Clinton campaign message points

–after John Oliver’s blistering look at the primary process, some Republicans are considering changes, not all good ones

–predatory bankers are running misleading commercials opposing bankruptcy for Puerto Rico

–as Exxon-Mobil holds annual shareholders meeting today, more news of how it squelched climate response under Bush

NY Times shares its alarm about Israel and Lieberman appointment in news and opinion columns

–new poll shows 95% of Palestinians view their leaders as corrupt

–at AlterNet, Rob Bryan exposes the real Shmuley Boteach, the Zionist attack dog who is cozying up to Trump

–in Vietnam, Obama lectures on human rights; in Japan, he apologizes for Okinawa murder by US soldier

–70 scholars and activists urge Obama to use Hiroshima visit to curtail our nuclear weapons program

–new survey says only 15% of American adults are smokers