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PBC News & Comment: Inspector General Slams Clinton for Private Email Server

State Department investigation sharply criticizes Clinton for ignoring security rules, and insisting on using her own server for her convenience……--read the Inspector General’s report here

--Clinton spinmeister Jason Easley claims the report deals “death blow” to the scandal, wishful thinking

--Bernie Sanders denies he is running “scorched earth” campaign, lists HRC emails and other topics he has avoided

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren turns up her bluster on Trump, using Clinton campaign message points

--after John Oliver’s blistering look at the primary process, some Republicans are considering changes, not all good ones

--predatory bankers are running misleading commercials opposing bankruptcy for Puerto Rico

--as Exxon-Mobil holds annual shareholders meeting today, more news of how it squelched climate response under Bush

--NY Times shares its alarm about Israel and Lieberman appointment in news and opinion columns

--new poll shows 95% of Palestinians view their leaders as corrupt

--at AlterNet, Rob Bryan exposes the real Shmuley Boteach, the Zionist attack dog who is cozying up to Trump

--in Vietnam, Obama lectures on human rights; in Japan, he apologizes for Okinawa murder by US soldier

--70 scholars and activists urge Obama to use Hiroshima visit to curtail our nuclear weapons program

--new survey says only 15% of American adults are smokers