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PBC News & Comment: Seven Ways State Dept. Report Contradicts Clinton

AUDIO FILE FIXED!!  Law professor Jonathan Turley identifies 7 facts in Inspector General report that contradict Clinton’s assertions about email: she broke rules…..–Read Turley’s comments here

–in latest California poll, Sanders nearly ties Clinton

SF Chronicle slams Clinton for reneging on promise to debate in California, Trump agrees to debate Sanders, then says he was joking

–Pepe Escobar follows the Clintons’ money

–Matt Bruenig was fired from Demos think tank for angry tweets at friends of Hillary, details here

–NY Times worries that Sanders’s appointments to platform committee will force debate over Israel at convention

–in new in-depth interview with Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader explains the “fair game” policy toward critics

–hysterical Bathroom Wars inflamed by new lawsuit against Obama brought by 11 states

–Gov. Nikki Haley of S. Carolina signs obviously unconstitutional law that bans abortion after 20 weeks and criminalizes the doctor

–Obama has grabbed headlines for commuting sentences of drug offenders, but only 3% have been marijuana cases, says former inmate who did get commutation

–Taliban quickly promotes Mullah Akhundzada to leadership after drone strike killed Mansour

–Michael Mariotte, head of Nuclear Information and Resource Service, dies at 63; had been guest here a couple of times