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PBC News & Comment: Seven Ways State Dept. Report Contradicts Clinton

AUDIO FILE FIXED!!  Law professor Jonathan Turley identifies 7 facts in Inspector General report that contradict Clinton’s assertions about email: she broke rules…..--Read Turley’s comments here

--in latest California poll, Sanders nearly ties Clinton

--SF Chronicle slams Clinton for reneging on promise to debate in California, Trump agrees to debate Sanders, then says he was joking

--Pepe Escobar follows the Clintons’ money

--Matt Bruenig was fired from Demos think tank for angry tweets at friends of Hillary, details here

--NY Times worries that Sanders’s appointments to platform committee will force debate over Israel at convention

--in new in-depth interview with Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader explains the “fair game” policy toward critics

--hysterical Bathroom Wars inflamed by new lawsuit against Obama brought by 11 states

--Gov. Nikki Haley of S. Carolina signs obviously unconstitutional law that bans abortion after 20 weeks and criminalizes the doctor

--Obama has grabbed headlines for commuting sentences of drug offenders, but only 3% have been marijuana cases, says former inmate who did get commutation

--Taliban quickly promotes Mullah Akhundzada to leadership after drone strike killed Mansour

--Michael Mariotte, head of Nuclear Information and Resource Service, dies at 63; had been guest here a couple of times