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In-Depth Interview: Ron Miscavige, Father of Scientology’s Maximum Leader, Talks About His “Ruthless” Son

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Ron Miscavige, who escaped after 40+ years in Scientology, offers a candid view of the cult he left, and his son David, who runs the “church” in a “ruthless” way.  Attorney Ford Greene, who has successfully sued Scientology, joins me.His new book is Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me.

Like a prison inmate, Ron Miscavige spent 6 months plotting his escape from Scientology in 2012, after more than 40 years working for founder L. Ron Hubbard and then his son, who grabbed the reins when Hubbard died in the 1980’s.  The father has been hounded by private investigators reporting to his son, who instructed the PI’s to let his father die when they observed what they thought was a heart attack.  He quotes from the “Fair Game” document that enables any Scientology member to harm a “suppressive person”, as Ron Miscavige and others who have left the organization are tagged.

With considerable assistance from Greene, Miscavige talks about the internal workings of Scientology and its array of entities, and we learn how David is an imperious boss who works his top echelon “Sea Org” members to exhaustion.

Miscavige is clear that, under his son’s direction, Scientology has become a cult that “disconnects” members from their families, and he is pained that his other children and grandchildren are estranged from him.

Greene and Miscavige go into details and lingo that bring new depth to our understanding of this secretive organization that treats some members like prisoners.