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PBC News & Comment: Once Again, America Responds to Violence and Hate with Thoughts and Prayers

Armed to the teeth, with racial hate unleashed, Americans respond to another violent week with “Thoughts and Prayers”, empty rhetoric…..–President Obama speaks at funeral for Dallas police who were killed, offering no change and little hope…an all-too-familiar ritual

–alleged shooter Micah Johnson may have been radicalized by military service

–Bernie Sanders ends his disappointing “revolution” and endorses Hillary Clinton

–while your humble host was away, Comey’s decision not to indict Clinton was outrageous, but not surprising

–Attorney General Lynch dodges questions about Clinton email investigation as GOP presses referral on Clinton’s false statements under oath

–thin-skinned Donald Trump slams Justice Ginsberg for criticizing him

–British Prime Minister Cameron makes hasty exit, stage right, as Theresa May assembles her cabinet

–lame duck mission creep, Obama adds 560 more troops in Iraq

–after more than 14 years, Yemeni is released to Italy from Gunatanamo

–at Vice, Jason Leopold gives new details of the torture of Abu Zubaydeh

–Chelsea Manning confirms that she attempted suicide, after military leaked that private information

–in Israel, Netanyahu and his wife are investigated, again, for shady dealings and financial mismanagement

–Egypt’s military dictatorship is pushing for peace talks between Israel and Palestinians