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PBC News & Comment: Change of the Guard in Britain

Britain’s quick transfer of power from Cameron to May seems more attractive than America’s endless, expensive and meaningless presidential campaigns…--Theresa May echoes Bernie Sanders with populist speech aimed at those left behind, names Boris Johnson foreign secretary
--following his endorsement of Clinton, supporters of Sanders shift to Jill Stein in 2-to-1 margin over Clinton
--while Sanders focused on Wall Street crimes, he never criticized Obama or Holder for failing to prosecute them
--Trump loves to sue people, he just launched $10 million claim against former senior aide
--Manhattan federal judge throws out evidence obtained by Stingray surveillance, an important first
--following Dallas shootings, people arrested for “threatening” social media posts
--in latest arrest of American accused of supporting Daesh, family members say suspect was manipulated by government informant
--Florida Senate candidate Alan Grayson gives House floor speech deploring the coup in Brazil
--Glenn Greenwald interviews Alex Cuadros, author of Brazillionaires
--international court rules against China's expansive claims in South China Sea --FBI closes the case against mysterious D.B. Cooper