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PBC News & Comment: Change of the Guard in Britain

Britain’s quick transfer of power from Cameron to May seems more attractive than America’s endless, expensive and meaningless presidential campaigns…–Theresa May echoes Bernie Sanders with populist speech aimed at those left behind, names Boris Johnson foreign secretary
–following his endorsement of Clinton, supporters of Sanders shift to Jill Stein in 2-to-1 margin over Clinton
–while Sanders focused on Wall Street crimes, he never criticized Obama or Holder for failing to prosecute them
–Trump loves to sue people, he just launched $10 million claim against former senior aide
–Manhattan federal judge throws out evidence obtained by Stingray surveillance, an important first
–following Dallas shootings, people arrested for “threatening” social media posts
–in latest arrest of American accused of supporting Daesh, family members say suspect was manipulated by government informant
–Florida Senate candidate Alan Grayson gives House floor speech deploring the coup in Brazil
–Glenn Greenwald interviews Alex Cuadros, author of Brazillionaires
–international court rules against China’s expansive claims in South China Sea –FBI closes the case against mysterious D.B. Cooper