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PBC News & Comment: Confessional Friday—Trump and Lochte Express Regrets

In unexpected moment of humility, Trump expresses vague regrets, Manafort quits, while Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte scarfs some humble pie…--at rally in Charlotte, Trump introduces a new character who regrets unspecified prior comments, and promises to always tell us the truth; The Guardian has a list of his lies just from the past week

--Paul Manafort steps down from Trump campaign to spend more time with his Ukranian fortune; Manafort skirted laws on foreign lobbyists, as did Clinton booster John Podesta

--naked statues of Trump popped up in 5 American cities yesterday

--Ryan Lochte issues apology for Rio incident but doesn’t admit that he lied

--Bill Clinton says his Foundation will no longer accept foreign or corporate funds, and if Hillary wins, donors will be limited to US citizens and charities

--walking back denials of “ransom” payment to Iran, State Dept. says it used $400 million due Iran as “leverage” to ensure release of prisoners

--Gareth Porter reports that Iran and Turkey have a new agreement regarding Syria

--Amnesty Int’l releases new report on torture in Syria, as Daesh uses hostages as human shields as they leave Manbij, and Turkey clears jails for coup suspects

--in response to our notorious “School of the Americas”, Bolivia opens its “School of the Anti-Imperialist Commando”

--NY Times discovers what we reported years ago: Obamacare’s “narrowed networks” deliver second-rate care as rates continue to rise

--in California, voters will choose to speed up executions, or end the death penalty in November

--flush with capital and arrogance, Uber accelerates transition to robot cars

--judge rejects settlement in Uber drivers class action suit as way too low

--Larry Wilmore signed off from The Nightly Show last night