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PBC News & Comment: Confessional Friday—Trump and Lochte Express Regrets

In unexpected moment of humility, Trump expresses vague regrets, Manafort quits, while Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte scarfs some humble pie…–at rally in Charlotte, Trump introduces a new character who regrets unspecified prior comments, and promises to always tell us the truth; The Guardian has a list of his lies just from the past week

–Paul Manafort steps down from Trump campaign to spend more time with his Ukranian fortune; Manafort skirted laws on foreign lobbyists, as did Clinton booster John Podesta

–naked statues of Trump popped up in 5 American cities yesterday

–Ryan Lochte issues apology for Rio incident but doesn’t admit that he lied

–Bill Clinton says his Foundation will no longer accept foreign or corporate funds, and if Hillary wins, donors will be limited to US citizens and charities

–walking back denials of “ransom” payment to Iran, State Dept. says it used $400 million due Iran as “leverage” to ensure release of prisoners

–Gareth Porter reports that Iran and Turkey have a new agreement regarding Syria

–Amnesty Int’l releases new report on torture in Syria, as Daesh uses hostages as human shields as they leave Manbij, and Turkey clears jails for coup suspects

–in response to our notorious “School of the Americas”, Bolivia opens its “School of the Anti-Imperialist Commando”

NY Times discovers what we reported years ago: Obamacare’s “narrowed networks” deliver second-rate care as rates continue to rise

–in California, voters will choose to speed up executions, or end the death penalty in November

–flush with capital and arrogance, Uber accelerates transition to robot cars

–judge rejects settlement in Uber drivers class action suit as way too low

–Larry Wilmore signed off from The Nightly Show last night