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PBC News & Comment: Women’s Flotilla to Gaza Illegally Interdicted by Israel

Col. Ann Wright and 12 women cruising toward Gaza were detained in international waters by Israeli gunboats, no injuries or deaths reported….–in West Bank, illegal Israeli settlers ordered by Supreme Court to exit threaten mass confrontation

–Obama administration “strongly condemns” new settlement plans, only 3 weeks after increasing aid to Israel by $500 million per year

–so far, US has not apologized for drone strike in Afghanistan last week that killed at least 15 civilians

–international donors pledge $15 billion in aid to Afghanistan despite rampant corruption

–civil suit over torture will require testimony from top CIA officials

–former Tunisian captives describe “electric chair” used in torture at Salt Pit prison in Afghanistan

–Bogdan Dzakovic, TSA whistleblower, explains the retaliation he faced for trying to expose 9/11 airline security failures

–questions linger about who ordered Yahoo to snoop in all emails, and on what legal basis

Fox News Food Fight! Trump plays Hannity off against Megyn Kelly

–in California, candidates for open Senate seat debated, and almost nobody was watching, as Calbuzz reports

–campaigning for Hillary, Bill Clinton “gaffes” by offering honest criticism of Obamacare, Shadowproof reports

–near Pittsburgh, 7-year-old girl goes to school after finding her parents dead from drug overdoses