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In-Depth Interview: Airline Security Whistleblower Bogdan Dzakovic on His New Book, Fortress of Deceit

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Bogdan Dzakovic, 32-year veteran of Coast Guard, FAA and TSA, another federal employee who never wanted to be a whistleblower, tells his story.Dzakovic went from service in the Coast Guard, to working as an Air Marshal and leader of the “Red Team” for the Federal Aviation Administration.  After 9/11, he went through channels to report the security failures he witnessed.  He faced years of retaliation, after FAA was merged into Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Agency (TSA), assigned to dead-end jobs in an effort to get him to quit.  Now retired, he just published Fortress of Deceit: the Story of a 9/11 Whistleblower.

Dzakovic is a plain-spoken guy who took his oath to defend the Constitution seriously, and he mentions the oath early in our conversation.  In his various assignments, he brought a no-bullshit attitude, and refused to be intimidated by superiors.  He offers his views of the coverup of 9/11 and his informed perspective on the crash of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

As a Red Team leader, he reported the serious vulnerabilities in our airline security before 9/11; while some things have changed under TSA, he believes that we are even less secure than before 9/11.

And he details how he was punished for reporting FAA failures, and the refusal by Congress to open the “can of worms” called 9/11.