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PBC News & Comment: What’s Up With Julian Assange?

WikiLeaks’s Assange says John Kerry pressured Ecuador to cut internet at London Embassy right after Clinton speeches were posted Saturday….–Assange and key associates are silent, fueling speculation and some false reports after “deadman switch” tweets were posted
–in North Dakota, judge dismisses the bogus charges against Amy Goodman
–Obama tells Trump to “stop whining” about rigged election
–in latest review of hacked emails, FBI investigation notes show effort by top State Dept. official to trade re-classification of Benghazi email for OK of FBI request
–in email thread, campaign staffers say “take the money” from foreign lobbyists
–emails show close coordination between Clinton campaign and superPacs, a violation that will not be pursued by deadlocked FEC
–at Shadowproof, a handy summary of problem emails recently released
–FBI lifts gag on Google, from 2015 National Security Letter
–Zionist David Horowitz launches hate campaign against professor at San Francisco State U, reported in SF Chronicle
–Center for Constitutional Rights takes credit for 99% drop in solitary confinement in California prisons
–as Obamacare rate hikes are announced for next year, feds offer new plans with no deductible, addressing a major defect….but what will they cost?