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PBC News & Comment: What’s Up With Julian Assange?

WikiLeaks’s Assange says John Kerry pressured Ecuador to cut internet at London Embassy right after Clinton speeches were posted Saturday….--Assange and key associates are silent, fueling speculation and some false reports after “deadman switch” tweets were posted
--in North Dakota, judge dismisses the bogus charges against Amy Goodman
--Obama tells Trump to “stop whining” about rigged election
--in latest review of hacked emails, FBI investigation notes show effort by top State Dept. official to trade re-classification of Benghazi email for OK of FBI request
--in email thread, campaign staffers say “take the money” from foreign lobbyists
--emails show close coordination between Clinton campaign and superPacs, a violation that will not be pursued by deadlocked FEC
--at Shadowproof, a handy summary of problem emails recently released
--FBI lifts gag on Google, from 2015 National Security Letter
--Zionist David Horowitz launches hate campaign against professor at San Francisco State U, reported in SF Chronicle
--Center for Constitutional Rights takes credit for 99% drop in solitary confinement in California prisons
--as Obamacare rate hikes are announced for next year, feds offer new plans with no deductible, addressing a major defect….but what will they cost?