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PBC News & Comment: Politico Displays an Example of Journalism

Honoring our late friend Richard Rapaport, fearless political reporter, we note some real political journalism at Politico, criticizing Politico reporter…..–Jack Shafer combed through Podesta’s hacked emails, and exposes reporters who kissed his ass
–ex-FBI official says “quid pro quo” over Benghazi email was discussed, but not consummated
–Trump calls for term limits for Congress, requiring constitutional amendment
–Trump urges followers to be vigilantes at polls on election day, stoking fears of attempted voter intimidation
–in Arizona, election protectors led by John Brakey uncovers “ballot images” retained by tabulators that can be used to audit elections
–Czech police arrest Russian hacker in Prague, but no connection to recent hacks is shown
–at The Guardian, Trevor Timm offers some rational comments on the irrational plans to cyber attack Russia
–Ecuador confirms it cut off Assange’s internet access, as it belatedly says it wants to be neutral in US election
–Shadowproof gets comments from filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, who is facing charges for covering tar sands pipeline shutdown by activists
–Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who hopes to run the Senate next year, is already dangling a huge tax break for corporate cheaters who stash cash overseas