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PBC News & Comment: Trump Keeps Sniffling as Americans Exhale

In final debate, Trump was sniffling and sniveling as Clinton goaded him, blamed her troubles on Russia; Americans are relieved……--Chris Wallace was best moderator yet, but allowed Clinton to evade questions on the Foundation, hacked emails, and Bill’s sexual behavior
--fact-checkers buy the unproven assertions of Russian interference, and allow Clinton to claim “17 agencies” confirm it
--corporate media hammers Trump for refusing to accept election outcome, feeding his petulance
--investigators suspect that NSA contractor arrested in August tried to sell hacking tools
--leaked email shows how Clinton campaign staff tried to rescue the candidate from a false diversion she offered when defending her vote for bad bankruptcy law
--Marine Corps officer, punished for sending classified email to warn soldiers of imminent danger, demands same treatment as Clinton
--listener John LeFrancois dove into FBI file on Clinton email investigation, and finds info that suggests Obama had a private email account
--Obama has announced he will team with former AG Eric Holder to fight gerrymandering of Congressional districts after he leaves office
--ACLU challenges secrecy of FISA Court rulings
--Brennan Center’s Elizabeth Goiten details secret laws under Obama
--in wake of cuts to Planned Parenthood, STD’s are on the rise